Ring Halo UFO Over Moscow

UFO Halo Ring Over Moscow
UFO Halo Ring Over Moscow

Reports of an odd ring halo UFO that was seen from over Moscow on Wednesday October 7, 2009 has sparked discussion between those that believe it is a sign from God or alien spacecraft and weathermen over the source of the object.

One local meteorologist stated “”Several fronts have been passing through Moscow recently, there was an intrusion of the Arctic air too, the sun was shining from the west – this is how the effect was produced. This is purely an optical effect, although it does look impressive
If you look closer, you can see sun rays coming through that cloud. Most likely, the sun was setting when the video was being made.
If you observe clouds regularly, you may see many other astonishing things. Clouds of the same class may look absolutely different in different areas.”

The object was caught on video as it hovered over Moscow’s Western District.

Oddly, there seems to be no movement of the cloud in the short 34 second video that seems to be the source of the information surrounding the UFO.

Taken from the YouTube page that posted the video:

Видео снятое 7 октября 2009г. на западе столицы. В небе над Москвой видно облако необычной формы. Видео было снято на МКАД при движении от Волоколамского к Новорижскому шоссе.
Один из очевидцев пишет, что получил комментарии по поводу этого облака в Гидрометцентре. Там ему сообщили, что над Москвой зарождался смерч, но потом рассеялся. На облет “странного” облака вылетал вертолет МЧС.

Video captured on Oct. 7th, 2009, the west of the capital of Russia. In the skies over Moscow visible cloud of unusual shape. The video was shot at the Moscow Ring Road in moving from Volokolamsky to Novorizhskoe highway.
One eyewitness wrote that he had received comments about this cloud in the weather center. There he was informed that over Moscow sprang a tornado, but later cleared. On the fly “strange” clouds flew helicopter Ministry of Emergency Situations.

At this time, there is not information concerning how long the object was visible or how it disappeared.

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