UFO Over North Carolina

A North Carolina man is reporting a low flying, odd-shaped “very quiet” UFO on May 28, 2010. He estimates the object was just 50 feet off of the ground.

Honestly, the illustration (below) is my favorite part.

MUFON Case # 23675

decription, draw a triangle on paper then draw a nother one about an inch beside it, no connect the points from the first to the second one,,draw three circles on the first one inside the triangle near the points.now draw one on the bottom where you connected the to lower triangle points,. now imagine that flying 50 ft above your head, very quiet, only a whisper, like jetsons ship in the cartoon almost.

i was headed to pick my girl up from work, around 10:30, and out the side of my eye i seen this object floating by, so i looked up and i seen (what I described aboved, it was very low, and i knew it wasnt a plane or helicopter cause planes dont fly that low and both the plane and helicopter are loud, this was whisper quiet,i wasnt thinking bout the digital camera in my car, because it was the first time i had ever seen , a UFO, cause it has to be unidentified, it wasnt a blimp either.

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